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The Sun Skull

Crystal Skulls for Sale
Sunstone statuette, 'Sun Skull'

Sunstone statuette, ‘Sun Skull’

Sunstone confers its radiant beauty on a sculpture by Guena. Symbolic of the passage from the living world to the realm of the dead, the skull evokes a sense of mystery and secrecy, enhanced by stone’s natural energy.

Crystal Skull Myth Debunked

Crystal Skulls Myth Debunked

The myth of crystal skulls, as rightly claimed by the researchers, was greatly exaggerated. ‘Fair is foul and foul is fair’ was the mantra of those greedy antique traders of the 19th century. The flourishing of the antiques business during the 19th century brought out the mythical stories of the crystal skulls for sale. Although a few of the crystal skulls were claimed to be of ancient origin, most of them were contemporary products. The mystic Mayan philosophies were twisted and well utilized by the traders of antiques. The comparison of the crystal skulls myth debunked with the historic Pyramids and Stonehenge is a most ridiculous part of this campaign.

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A plethora of discoveries were made at the Mayan ruins and research is being conducted for further information. None of the known findings seem to support the myth of the crystal skulls. Human skulls have always been a thing of fascination throughout history. Moreover, crystals are believed to exhibit paranormal phenomena. This combination of both human skull form and the crystals worked well, as expected by the antique traders.

Even the most famous crystal skull of Mitchell Hedges does not have a reliable account of how it came into existence or how Mitchell-Hedges himself obtained it. One version states that his daughter found it in the Lubaantun ruins, whereas the other one accuses him of buying it form a vendor in Paris. One other crystal skull of great fame is the one at ‘The Museum of Man’ in London; It has an incredible story as well. It is said that the skull moves on its own within the glass case…which is impossible according to science. Perhaps this may be an ancient crystal skull, which is ignorant of the ‘laws of motion’!

This is the age of science and knowledge. To fool people is not an easy job. The information on crystal skulls and the Mayan stories of the end of the world are just fascinating stories. Crystal skulls may be best fit for the film industry and the world of entertainment. Of course, buying crystal skulls for sale is still a fun hobby of many.

The Mystery of the 13 Crystal Skulls

The 13 Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls are a Symbol of Death

Human skulls symbolize death. Skulls represent danger and are used as a symbol of warning to the innocent. The use of human skulls in witchcraft is a well known fact. Researchers find the myths of crystal skulls mysterious and these stories fascinate young readers very much.

Mitchell Hedges first mentioned the crystal skull in his autobiography. He just states that it was used by Mayan high priests during religious rituals. How Mitchell Hedges got the crystal skull is still a mystery. Of the hundreds of crystal skulls available, only 13 of them are supposed to be of Mayan origin.

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The 13 Crystal Skulls and the End of the World

According to myths, thousands of years ago 13 crystal skulls were left behind by the Mayan priests to be found by future generations. These skulls are believed to possess supernatural powers. The myth of the 13 crystal skulls is as mysterious as most of the other findings of the Mayan society. It is said that these 13 skulls will come together to form a matrix at a specific time and would result in the destruction of the existing world and re-creation of a new world. This is intricately connected with the Mayan calendars that predict the end of the world.

Beliefs and Research on Crystal Skulls

The finders of these crystal skulls state that they are pre-Columbian Mesoamerican artifacts. Whereas scientists opine that most of these skulls could be 19th century products. Members of the new age movement strongly believe that the skulls exhibit paranormal phenomena. A few of the well known crystal skulls that are believed to be of Mayan origin include the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, the British crystal skull, the Paris crystal skull, Mayan crystal skull, the Amethyst skull, Texas crystal skull, ET skull, and the Rose Quartz crystal skull.

It is said that the crystal skulls are centers of radiant psychic energy and that they can increase happiness in the lives of the people who interact with the skulls. Although not scientifically proven, there are strong beliefs and some evidence of the supernatural healing powers of the skulls.

Find Crystal Skulls for Sale and their History

Crystal Skulls for Sale

Where to buy a Crystal Skull?

You don’t have to be Indiana Jones to get your hands on a crystal skull! You also don’t have to trek across the world and go on archaeological digs in South America. Many online stores such as eBay and Amazon carry crystal skulls for any budget! Why delay? Choose one of the many crystal skulls for sale that are available at your fingertips today!

Origins of the Crystal Skulls

Many people had never heard of crystal skulls until the Indiana Jones movie came out, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Since the movie came out, crystal skulls have been attracting people of all ages. Why are people so attracted to these ancient artifacts? It’s not just a new thing. People have been enamored with these skulls for years.

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The skulls are rumored to originate from cultures that resided in modern day Columbia in South America. Such artifacts create an allure.

Several of the more expensive skulls aren’t exactly “ancient”… It is suspected that some of the skulls were created in the 1800s in European jewelry stores by skilled gemcutters. These skulls were widely traded and eventually copied by future tricksters that began trying to sell the Victorian-age skulls to niave buyers.

Do the Crystal Skulls Have Power?

Many New Age believers claim that these skulls have certain metaphysical powers. If one were to possess such a skull, it is believed that the beholder would be able to tap into an energy of psychic power. Other believers use the crystal skulls as a special device through which to divine the future. It is also believed that the power that the crystal skull radiates includes healing properties.

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull


Indiana Jones- Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull