Where to buy a Crystal Skull?

You don’t have to be Indiana Jones to get your hands on a crystal skull! You also don’t have to trek across the world and go on archaeological digs in South America. Many online stores such as eBay and Amazon carry crystal skulls for any budget! Why delay? Choose one of the many crystal skulls for sale that are available at your fingertips today!

Origins of the Crystal Skulls

Many people had never heard of crystal skulls until the Indiana Jones movie came out, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Since the movie came out, crystal skulls have been attracting people of all ages. Why are people so attracted to these ancient artifacts? It’s not just a new thing. People have been enamored with these skulls for years.

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The skulls are rumored to originate from cultures that resided in modern day Columbia in South America. Such artifacts create an allure.

Several of the more expensive skulls aren’t exactly “ancient”… It is suspected that some of the skulls were created in the 1800s in European jewelry stores by skilled gemcutters. These skulls were widely traded and eventually copied by future tricksters that began trying to sell the Victorian-age skulls to niave buyers.

Do the Crystal Skulls Have Power?

Many New Age believers claim that these skulls have certain metaphysical powers. If one were to possess such a skull, it is believed that the beholder would be able to tap into an energy of psychic power. Other believers use the crystal skulls as a special device through which to divine the future. It is also believed that the power that the crystal skull radiates includes healing properties.