The Revelation of Crystal Skulls

The crystal skulls originally belonged to the lost continent of Atlantis, and when Atlantis sank, the crystal skulls were smuggled by the wizards to Central America where the Mayans lived. The Mayans used it as an object of worship and reverence in their religious rituals. There was a sudden destruction of the Mayan civilization. Eventually, the crystal skulls hid themselves in ruins until they were discovered in the latter part of 19th century.

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A Strange Coincidence of the Crystal Skulls
In her mystic book Romance of Atlantis, Janet Taylor Caldwell wrote that Atlantis created its own downfall through the flagrant misuse of power. However, those who were innocent were allowed to enter the rejuvenation chamber that housed a very powerful red crystal, which rejuvenated their mind, body, and soul to extend their life for another 100 years. Janet was only 12 years old when she wrote the book! And her father believed that she had borrowed the message from the past, not even knowing herself how or what she was remembering.

An interesting research study conducted by the Society of Crystal Skulls International in California used various electronic devices, such as meridian based machines, EEG, lecher antenna and Kirlian machines to record a sensational display of auras by the crystal skulls. They also claim to have discovered the secret codes contained within the crystal skulls in the form of reverse images that came out while using a special process of analysis on the scanned images of the crystal skulls.

The Mystic Powers of the Crystal Skulls
Crystal skulls are believed to have hypnotic powers on those who dare to stare deeply into the penetrating eye sockets. It is said that the crystal skulls were created in such a way that whatever is thought in its presence reflects on the person’s experiences.

The powers of the crystal skulls for sale operate through the different symbolic communication modes that include color, tone, and archetype. A combination of these three in the presence of crystal skulls communicates a peculiar frequency resonance that is hard to decode.

These crystal skulls for sale supposedly possess a radiant psychic energy that increases the happiness by improving people’s lives. It is also used in aiding divination. They have magical powers and are able to transmit and receive energy. Max, an authentic ancient crystal skull estimated to be thousands of years old was used as a healing tool by Mayan priests because of its healing powers.